1. The obvious rules

    1. Be polite! No heavy swearing, offensive/hate language, racism, homophobia, making people feel unwelcome, ...
    2. No griefing or stealing (Just because you can, doesn't mean you should).
    3. No hacking or exploiting glitches.
    4. Inappropriate content is not allowed. This includes builds and skins.
    5. Please chat in English. A few sentences in your native language is OK, especially if nobody else is online, but in general: English!
    6. Players that have been offline for 2 weeks and have not yet reached the rank of Apprentice will be removed from the server. You can always ask to be added to the whitelist again.
  2. Build rules

    1. Build your bases at least 300 blocks from spawn.
    2. Don't build your base too close to someone else's, unless they let you. 100 blocks distance at least. (Ask them if unsure)
    3. Check the area before you build something. Not everyone creates a /lands claim.
    4. The plains in front of spawn castle is for shops only!
    5. Fill in your creeper holes. Make sure nothing spawns in them, either.
    6. Don't claim rare structures like strongholds or mansions.
  3. Economy

    1. You can build as many shops as you want, but they have to be in the shopping district.
    2. Keep shop sizes reasonable. Don't create a megastructure if you're only going to sell a few stacks of sand.
    3. Respect shop prices! If someone is selling 3 stacks for 2 diamonds, that's the minimum you have to pay.
  4. Farms & Redstone

    1. Contrary to previous season, AFK-fishing IS allowed.
    2. Zero-tick farms are now also allowed again.
    3. All redstone clocks must have an off-switch.


We offer a few plugins:

  • Armor stand tools (with flint)
  • Better sleeping plugin
  • Buildportals (custom portals made out of emerald blocks)
  • Chest sorter
  • Coreprotect
  • Dynmap
  • GPS
  • mcMMO Overhaul
  • Quests
  • Shopkeepers
  • Votifier

We do not have /tp or /home! For quick access to spawn you'll have to make an emerald portal.