1. The obvious rules

    1. Be polite! No heavy swearing, offensive/hate language, racism, homophobia, making people feel unwelcome, ...
    2. No griefing or stealing (Just because you can, doesn't mean you should).
    3. No hacking or exploiting glitches.
    4. Inappropriate content is not allowed. This includes builds and skins.
    5. Keep the chat in English
  2. Build rules

    1. Build your bases at least 300 blocks from spawn.
    2. Don't build your base too close to someone else's, unless they let you. 100 blocks distance at least. (Ask them if unsure)
    3. Fill in your creeper holes. Make sure nothing spawns in them, either.
  3. Economy

    1. Respect shop prices and pay the correct amount. If you don't, it's considerd stealing.


We offer a few plugins:

  • Armor stand tools (with flint)
  • Better sleeping plugin
  • Chest sorter
  • Coreprotect
  • Dynmap
  • GPS
  • Votifier